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Lviv, Saksaganskogo str., 3 (5-th floor)

Lviv hotels

Our region is significant in Ukraine in the sphere of tourism and recreation, so visiting of its heart is really worth seeing. The city occupies the area of 111 square kilometers and offer astonishing variety of scenes.

The development of the tourist business is based on a wide network of campings and different rest homes. If you are stranger in the town, first of all, you need a comfortable place for having a rest. Cheap, but well done hotels in Lviv are situated in the very center of the town. Thanks to our company, you have an occasion to rent best apartments in Lviv.

Most of the hotels in Lviv are not cheap, so if you want to reserve available rooms in Lvov, we can request you the Lvov rest home “Under the Roof”. It will be really your best choice!

You’ll get well-equipped and clean rooms with best maintenance. This Lviv apartments are not expensive, but good enough for you and your family, especially when you travel with the kids.

We always meet people from business trips, private tours and of course single visitors. Our highly qualified staff is helpful anyway.  We can offer you different excursions and sightseeing tours around the town, as it includes visits to places of historical interest.

Also we can suggest you such favor, as ordering tickets to the theatres and cinemas, translation services, the delivery of food.

If you want to visit some local ethnographic museums, which contain a lot of material about the town’s history, we’ll mark all these places on the map.

We can bring you to our hotel in Lviv by car and order for you railway or airplane tickets.

The best hotel in Lviv

A lot of foreign tourists stand in Lvov in “Under the Roof”. That’s why because we always take care about our guests. Daily cleaning rooms, fresh bedclothes, comfortable furniture – this is our requirements.

You can choose tasty breakfast or make a cup of coffee in our kitchen. Our hotel in Lviv offers you a great variety of services.

You’ll get free Wi-Fi zone, tourist maps, irons and ironing boards, hair driers and first aid kits. If you have jewelry or important documents, you may put them into the guarded strong room.

Every room contains beds, the set of bedclothes and towels, TV-set, comfortable armchair, the table with the chairs, the wardrobe and sconces.

We accept credit cards and hard cash at one time.

Rent apartments in Lviv

To get acquainted with the town, you must spend here for a few days. We’ll help you to rent best apartment in Lviv, arrange an excursion by motor-coach round the city. All the places of historical interest are worth seeing.

If you have some spare time, you must visit galleries and museums with masterpieces of famous painters. Our Art Galleries are real treasure houses of fine arts, ranging from the most ancient paintings to the works of famous modern painters and sculptors.

If you want to have a good evening, we can advise the best places. There is nothing like small restaurants and cafes, which cater for good food. After the privatization, many private caterings were opened here, offering tasty meals. We will be glad, if you enjoy the national cuisine of the region, but if you don’t, we have also many fast-food restaurants.

You can visit small shops with postcards with the view of the city. As a rule, shops with national crafts includes handmade things, which might be a good presents four your friends. It’s great, when we buy something to bring it home from the trip.

The complex of the tourism infrastructure and services is developing very fast. All the year round it provides clients with high-quality services for tourism, rest and relaxation. Our city is a large historical, cultural, industrial, educational and, of course, administrative center of Ukraine. There are a lot of foliage and coniferous woods around, some rocky hills.

A plain landscape, especially pine and beech forests in the suburbs, can also be interesting for tourists.